5am Morning Routine

I enjoy my morning time more than any other time of the day.  With children, there are so many needs that as a mother, I feel responsible to take care of.  I used to absolutely despise the mornings.  I would wake up usually to the sound of clanging bowls and spoons while the children were busy getting their breakfast ready and starting their day.  This clanging would bring my sleepy head off my pillow and my frumpy and grumpy self out into the kitchen to see what all the racket was about.  I was totally unprepared for the day and only cared about getting my morning coffee down so I could focus on the upcoming responsibilites that the day had in store for me.

Lately, all that has changed.  I started this year with a new goal.  I decided that I was sick and tired of waking up to my children and being grumpy towards them while they were heading out the door to school or getting ready for their homeschool day (we have a little bit of both going on in our home).  I decided it was time to do something crazy and start waking up at 5am.

My  new morning routine has been challenging starting off, but I am already seeing the benefits of becoming part of the 5am club.  Here is my current morning routine:

Wake up. I wake up at 5am and get straight out of the blankets and get my feet on the ground.

Exercise. Right after waking, I slip into my workout pants and go downstairs to my treadmill. I turn it on and walk/jog for 20 minutes.  I listen to sermons, teaching, and youtube videos during this time.  It helps me to get my body moving and my mind started up.  At the end of this, it is around 5:20 and I am pumped and ready to get some stuff accomplished.

Bible Study. I have had Biblestudy as part of my morning routine for a while now, but never have I felt more focused and ready to learn as I do when I have just finished my morning workout.  It seems like the scriptures come alive and I am able to better understand what I am reading because my mind is focused. I usually get this done by 6am.

Personal Time. This is an important time that I love having in the mornings.  I get to spend an hour getting my to do list ready and become aware of the appointments and things that are on the calendar for the day.  When I have a plan for the day, it just goes so much smoother.  This ends when the children come in for breakfast around 7am.


This morning routine has been giving me 2 hours of focusing on my physical, spiritual, and mental health.  It has helped me to be more productive during the day and fouced.  By getting up before every one else, I not only get to spend quiet time alone, but I am able to get my waking done so i can better serve the needs of my family. 

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