6 Tasks To Do Even When You Are Sick

It is that time of the year when we get sick and lay in bed complaining about how we feel and give excuses as to why we can’t do our daily goals.
But goals are important. When we make them, we should take them very seriously. If we do not take them seriously, we will end up like everyone else and not accomplish our biggest dreams in life. Every individual day is a step we take toward our larger goals. Remember, we can attain amazing and ambitious goals if we break them into small steps.
If we choose to drag our feet and not take those smaller steps each day toward our goals, we will lose momentum, be more stressed when (or if) we choose to get back on track, and ultimately we risk the chance of giving up entirely.
Giving up is not an option so I don’t want to risk everything by getting off track.
Now, there is a need to rest. Our bodies need time of rest to adequately heal and be well again, but choose to do that after you accomplish these 6 important tasks:

1. Wake up at 5am
I know this is difficult, but it’s too easy to slip on this one. Rising early has been one of the most difficult habits I have had to start in my life. I do not even want to risk the chance of destroying the progress I have made with this habit. When you choose to make this non-negotiable, you will be forced to make yourself go to bed early… perhaps even earlier depending on how sick you have been feeling. I know for me, I feel the sickest right in the morning. My throat aches, my eyes hurt. I know that I need to get adequate rest in order to ignore the voice telling me to just sleep in.

2. Make the bed
Making the bed is on this list because it is an easy task to do when you wake up, it will help you to not climb right back in, and a nice looking bed will energize you and make the room look and feel less chaotic.

3. Exercise
I usually wake up and get on the treadmill for 20 minutes each morning. Since getting sick, some mornings I have felt completely exhausted just getting out of bed and refused to go on the treadmill. I didn’t give up on exercising though. I chose to spend that 20 minutes doing yoga instead. Yoga gently stretches the body, clears the mind, and helps in focusing throughout the day. I refuse to skip exercising in the mornings. The benefits of getting up and moving are just too awesome for me to not do it. I don’t want to risk giving up those benefits just because I am sick. In fact, exercise will help the body fight against the cold or flu you are experiencing.

4. Read
Reading is powerful. I only make myself read 30 minutes a day for now (although I go much longer than that sometimes). This is because I am going from not reading on a regular basis to doing it every day. I needed a time limit that wouldn’t overwhelm me while I made this a habit. I have been enjoying curling up with a good book now when I am sick because while it doesn’t take very much out of me physically, it is great at stimulating my mind. And since it is only my body that has taken ill, my mind is happy to be challenged and entertained.

5. Choose to eat healthy foods
It is tempting when we do not feel well to pick out lousy foods and emotionally eat. Instead, take the time to choose the foods you put into your body wisely. Healthy foods will not only lessen the time it takes for your body to get well, but also give you energy. If one of your goals is to take care of your health (which I hope is one) then do this in order to maintain your goals. If you choose to fall apart, or make excuses, when you get sick, then the likelihood of you having the discipline to get back on track when you are well again is not great. The food you crave emotionally when you are ill is not worth the risk of destroying the healthy habits you have been instilling in your life.

6. Journal
Journaling is important for so many reasons and those reasons do not go away just because you aren’t at 100%. In fact, journaling your symptoms each day and how you are feeling will help tremendously if you end up needing to see a doctor. Write down a few things/people you are thankful for so you can maintain a healthy perspective. Make sure you add in a few accomplishments that you had during that day. You could write down that you got up at 5am even though you wanted to roll over and sleep longer. You could write down that you did yoga for 20 minutes and were glad you didn’t skip working out. It is up to you what you write down in your journal, but be sure to do it.

If there are other small steps that you need to take in order to accomplish your larger goals by the end of the year, then make sure you add them to your unique list of things you need to accomplish even when you are sick. Do not allow a cold or the flu to destroy your progress. Continue accomplishing your goals and then rest. You will never regret moving forward, but you will regret risking your biggest dreams in life over a cold.

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